Friday, May 28, 2010

Napkin Scrawls #12 - My Best Friend

My Best Friend

I meet new people everyday,
Who easily call me friend.
Cordially we jest, fritter, and obsess;
And just as quickly we move on,
Our lives remain the same.

One day, we met by chance,
I figured you the same.
In and out so quickly
Jesting, obsessing, and frittering life away.

But on that fateful day
You stepped into my life,
You saw something I could never see
A friend who would hold on tight.

You saw through the many masks of me,
And understood what made me tick.
Feeling broken and insecure
Your friendship shows me strength.

Reaching out you showed me kindness.
With a bond I cannot explain;
Our friendship has grown deep,
Perhaps you are the other half of me.

We’ve never touched or seen each other
Yet you always seem to know when I am sad
By the keystrokes, I invoke.

Just me on this side and you over there.
Our souls just connect.

You will always be
My best friend forever.


Aim4theNeck said...

That is such a beautiful poem! It made me well up.

Wookies Girl said...

Friendships like this are special and last through time.

Anonymous said...

Always treasure friendship! That is Beautiful :)