Saturday, May 1, 2010

Napkin Scrawl #6 - Waking Dream

Every morning it’s the same. I open my eyes and am slammed with a bazillion of thoughts. It used to be that I could stretch and smile as I lay next to my husband, and on Saturdays, I still do that. However, today, I wake to two sides of my brain.

First thought I wake with is, “Oh SHIT! I’ve lost my earring again!! Where is my fucking earring?” Looking around everywhere I’d been, I search. I notice the dirt on the floor. There is no carpet, just wooden planked floors covered in dirt. I squint my eyes tightly as if that will help me find my earring, but I wonder, where-the-hell am I? I begin my search like all who lose earrings… first my hair, then my blouse. Wait. Blouse? Something is strange. I continue my search from my hair to my blouse. I reach down my blouse attempting to feel for my earring. It isn’t there. I brush my blouse and straighten it as I listen for my earring to drop, but hear nothing. By now, I am frantic! I can’t afford to replace my heart shaped earring! As I search the floor below, I am saddened and worried that this time I won’t be able to find my earring. I’ve been lucky in the past, to always find my lost earrings. This time there is just too much debris on the floor. How am I going to see my gold studded, heart shaped, amethyst earring in this dirty place? I’m not stopped. I press on with my search. Strangely, my feet won’t move. It’s as if I am stuck to the floor! All I can do is twist my self around. Even though this is odd that I can’t move, I begin to search the floor. There… over to my left… there is a strange shape of dirt. What the hell is that strangely shaped piece of sand? At that moment, within the blink of an eye, I’m there on the floor examining this odd piece of dirt. Hmm, no not dirt I ponder. Perhaps it is just a piece of the tumbleweed that blew in next to it. As I reach for it, my eyes finally put a shape to it. I gasp as my brain finally realizes … It’s. My. Earring! My heart begins to beat flutter as I pick up my earring from the floor. “Thank you, Lord, for helping me to find my earring!” I whisper a prayer of gratitude.

My eyes pop open and I check my ears. Earrings are intact. Wow! That was a strange dream, I think. As I take in the fact that all was a dream, I turn toward my husband whose gentle breathing is still quiet and steady. As I lay here watching him sleep, my mind becomes a flutter. I have so many things pop to the forefront of my mind. One of which has nothing to do with getting things done. The second side of my brain kicks in and all I want to do is lay there, watching and caressing my husband. All is calm, serene. I feel the breeze blowing through the window and hear Jasper moving in his kennel.

My mind begins to think of ways to wake my husband. All is perfect for some serious cuddling or perhaps more. I feel a grin form on my face as I try to follow that thought. But, no sooner did I think that thought, he turns over. That very same moment, as if Jasper is somehow, jacked into both of us, hops onto our bed searching between us for a spot to lie down.

Normally, I would shout at the dog and tell him to get off my bed that he doesn’t belong here… but no sooner is the thought complete, my husband reaches over to the dog. He pets him and tells him what a good boy he is... WHAT THE HELL!! Ugh!

Jasper then takes this opportunity to find his spot to lie down between us… But wait! Damn it Dog! His spot today is on top of me! What? Can’t you tell I’m here Stupid? He looks up at me with those puppy dog eyes, which tug at our hearts. He snuggles in, and I mean snuggles on me! His muzzle fits nicely between my breasts. Ugh! Dog!

My husband, propped up on one elbow, smiles at me and says, “Looks like Jasper wants to cuddle.” I smirk and give in because now, dog has thwarted all my plans of any serious cuddling of my own! “Dog! This is NOT the cuddling I had in mind!” I tell my dog… I’ve learned that if I push the dog away, all that will happen is my husband will get up and carry on with his day. So, I decide to give into the dog’s behavior so that MAYBE a second opportunity might arise. As lay there, calmness engulfs me and I fall back to sleep.

In what seems like only minutes, I awaken to my dog, floundering to get off me and move to a more comfortable place… his kennel. Ah, freedom! I look at my clock to find that we fell back to sleep for two more hours! Now, my mind is racing! Eleven-in-the-fucking-morning! What the hell! My day is half-gone! Of course, there is still the wisp of thought lingering as I turn to my husband to find him turning over in his sleep. He’s so far away this time. He’s on the edge of his side of the bed. Perhaps, I’ll let him sleep a bit more…he only came to bed at 5 A.M. Thoughtful of me.

Ok, fine. Perhaps this would be a good time to read my new book. I guess that was wrong too, because no sooner had I begun reading, my husband awoke and decided it was time that he get out of bed. Foiled again! Curses!

My original decision made. Only two choices left to choose from now, read or get up. I read.

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