Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Napkin Scrawls #11 - Blank Emotion

Swirling, swirling, swirling. Flailing, flitting, whirling. My thoughts escape me. Fleeting, flitting, scampering away. Not one remains. Panic ensues as I sit here grasping for a memory, a thought, anything. But, nothing stays.

There is nothing behind the eyes. No thought, no emotion, blank. Exhaustion fills me.

All is at a loss as I stare blankly before me.

A tear emerges, spilling over the blank face, leaving a trail of moisture as it falls. And then, another.

Music on, eyes now closed, music fills me now with it’s own emotion. Soft swirling, emotion fills my mind as the strings strum, the keys pound, the horns blare. Like a shot in the arm or an electric current, my heart begins to pound… I take a breath. And then, another.

Life emerges as music promotes new emotion.

Breathe in breathe out.

Is it enough? Will it carry me through the day? Only time can tell.

No longer completely blank, I look to you for happy joyful thoughts. Something, anything to hold life for me, as I continue through my day.

Tiredness still abounds, but sadness is fleeting now. It’s time to catch a second wind in the sails of my day.

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