About Me

I am a work-at-home mom (WAHM). I design websites as well as home school my 2-boys. Apparently, I'm not busy enough, or I need more fun in my life because I've started THIS particular blog as a 'for fun' blog.

I enjoy reading books with female heroes, vampires, werewolves, supernatural beings, and of course, romance containing all or most of those mentioned above. I also enjoy watching movies, especially if I have read the book. That way, I can look at the movie and pick it all apart. My family hates that I do this, it ruins the story for them. Paybacks a bitch!

I set up this particular blog, Napkin Scrawls, as an avenue for me to put down on paper all the jumbled thoughts, stories, and real life events that run through my head. I find I have a plethora of things to say, sometimes fun, but sometimes not. Maybe, one day when I grow up, I can be a writer too, who knows? So, I sit here scrawling on napkins the thoughts that come burbling from inside.

I hope you enjoy.