Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Napkin Scrawl #30 -- Missing You

The clock reads midnight. The only sound in this peaceful night is the constant beating of the fan overhead as it keeps the room cool from the sweltering heat. I lay awake staring at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to overtake me. But, it cannot. My mind is full and races with thoughts of my day, thoughts of family, and thoughts of you.

Your hand reaches across to me as if you know my thoughts. My skin prickles as your hand gently caresses me. The spinning in my mind comes to a halt as I turn to look at you. Your eyes are closed as if you have succumbed to sleep, yet your body finds mine as you get close to me. Your arm wraps around me. Your leg fits snugly between mine. Your head finds a soft, comfortable spot above my breast to rest. The scent of your hair taunts my nose with its beautiful aroma. My hand finds your hair and begins stroking as if conjured to do so. The softness of your hair is like a talisman to me, calming me with each stroke. Upon taking one last, cleansing deep breath, my eyes grow heavy as my hand finds its rhythm.

Moments later, my bed begins to shake and bounce. I open my eyes to find my arms wrapped around my pillow, and my body curled up, snuggling it tightly. I let out a sigh as I realize you are only a dream. Two thoughts cross my mind. First is, how much I miss you, and the other, how fast can I fall back to sleep so I can see you, hold you, and feel you again.

Missing you…