Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Napkin Scrawl #23 -- Being Me

It’s not easy being me,
Grew up awkward as can be.

I’m no drop dead diva,
No prima donna mama.

One of the boys
I tried to be.

I ran with my shirt off,
Climbed up trees.

Learned to whistle loudly,
And how to spit real far.

Hot headed, short fused,
My mouth learns to spew.

My imagination,
It’s one to be desired.

Yeah, that’s me…

My beauty comes from within,
It’s more than just skin deep.

I’ll talk to anyone.
Just let me in.

I hand out advice,
Even if you ask real nice.

I hug you, squeeze you, and call you my own.

Yeah, that’s me…


Aim4theNeck said...

Yeah thats you... and thats what we love about ya... ;) Thans for the hugs, squeezes znd advice Hun.. x

Hoku said...

I couldn't wait anymore LoL oh its wonderful dear! It sounds like you, the way I know you. You're perfect the way you are! ...Love Ya