Friday, September 24, 2010

Napkin Scrawl #25 -- Morning Quietness

I lay there in the quietness hearing your soft breath, as you travel deep within your slumber.

You stir – We touch

The soft, slow sounds of your breath, tell tale signs of your deep sleep.

Gently, softly I brush fingertips across your skin. It prickles to my touch, yet your stillness remains.

You stir again.

Gently, softly your fingers brush my skin. Heat rises, desire begs for more.

Your hand finds solace in the valley of my breasts. Softly, steady sounds of sweet contentment rise and fall from your quiescent being.

My touch finds your dreams and draws your hunger to the surface.

Your eyes open to find mine, gazing at your beauty.

Your hand brushes my heated skin once more… softly.

And then, you are gone… a fleeting moment… no more.

I sigh as I watch you walk away from what could have been.

1 comment:

Kiva said...

I like that one a lot. My heart is racing just reading it.