Friday, August 20, 2010

Napkin Scrawls #19 -- Another Strange Dream

Burning my candle at both ends to try and get my work done, only makes for the strangest dreams in my head. Check this one out.

I lay down to take a nap for about an hour….

There is sand all around. Apparently, I’m sitting in a Saharan desert of sorts. Two friends and I were to clean out these round pottery pots that were dirty and some were full of sand. I was familiar with this job and had been doing it for a while. I knew that snakes could be in the pots, so I cautioned my friends to be careful.

Suddenly, I heard one friend scream loudly & I saw a pot fly though the air. She then ran after the pot, and took it into a corner with a stick or twig to do something with it. Finally, I ran over to check on her. She was shaking, her eyes were huge saucers, and she was scared shitless. I asked her what was wrong. She slowly brought out the stick and said, "I found a snake."

She brought the 'snake' into view for me to see. It was a centipede.

Looking at her I exclaimed, “That’s not a snake!”

Realizing they had no idea what a snake was, I went over to my truck, turned the engine on so that my laptop could have some juice. I googled snakes, and while adjusting my laptop for them to see, I some how shifted my truck into gear. It took off down the road, accelerating to full speed.

Suddenly, I'm on the wrong side of the freeway driving 75 mph into a construction zone that bottlenecks down to one lane! I’m panicked, trying to navigate through traffic that is coming at me, and hoping avoid a pile up in the single lane streaming with cars!

I fumbled with the accelerator and managed to get the truck slowed down. I moved over to the one open lane, and find that I can U-turn to go back on the freeway. However, I find that this too is the wrong side of the freeway to go home.

Just then, my alarm goes off and I realize this was yet another wild ride in my mind. Before I am able to awake fully, I realized that some how I had ended up on the correct side of the road.

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Brina said...

WTF did you eat before you went to bed!! LMAOOOO