Saturday, July 17, 2010

Napkin Scrawl #18 -- Desert Storms

Temperatures reach the triple digits on a daily basis. Today was no different. Taking time from my daily routine, I sit on the back porch admiring how quickly the angry black clouds moved in. A steady breeze blows the scent of rain across my face. I close my eyes and breathe in deeply.

The air becomes still as a loud crack and rumble reverberate through the sky. As I recline back in my chair with the soles of my feet against a supporting pillar, the thunder reminds me of its immense power as I feel the vibration through my feet.

Soon, sprinkles of fresh rain tickle the tops of my feet as it begins to fall. I curb the temptation to move from the porch to the center of my yard. The sprinkles are so refreshing, but the danger of lightning still abounds. No flash appears, yet the sky grumbles and moans as if in pain or angry at lightning’s strike, ripping and tearing through it.

The breeze stops again before the sky moans and grumbles with one last roll of thunder. Deafening silence consumes the air again.

The storm moves further north, and as fast as it began, it ends. Blue skies peek from the angry clouds.

Lightning claws its way through the clouds and sky with thunder as its voice. “I’m not done!” It seems to scream. Yet, just like the rest of the storm, it too vanishes and moves on.

Maybe on another day, the rain will stay longer, washing the dirt and grime away.

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