Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Napkin Scrawl #17 -- Barreling down the Road...

Stretched out and fast asleep in the back of my SUV, I’ve set the autopilot for my destination. “Ah,” I think to myself, “I’m so exhausted. I’ll just curl up in the back here and sleep and still have plenty of time to get where I need to be.”

The vibration and motion my SUV makes me sleep peacefully as I’m taken to my final destination. Turning over, I stretch. My dog is at my side, snoozing right along with me. I hear no noise, just nice and smooth travel whilst I sleep.

“Huh? Wait! Where am I?” Looking out the SUV windows, I see my SUV has jumped the median. I’m speeding along at 70 m.p.h. crossing both sides of the freeway. “Oh, Shit!” I shout aloud. Commando crawling from the back of the SUV toward the front, I begin to panic. Shaking off the sleep, I come to my senses, “What the fuck was I thinking! Calm down… calm down…”

The crawl is hard to do in a bouncing SUV. I’m still barreling forward at high speed. ‘Thump, thump, thump.’ The SUV is back on the freeway on the correct side… I sigh deeply. Squeezing between the front seats, I grab the steering wheel. I swerve erratically through the lanes as I try to get the last bit of my legs through the seats.

Finally, I have accomplished my crawl from the back and am sitting in the driver’s seat. I realize there is no autopilot. “Crap! I need to keep going! I hope no cops saw me.”

‘Beep, beep, beep.’ ‘Beep, beep, beep’

“Huh?” I glance up and realize my phone is going off. I pick it up to answer, “Oh, shit! Wow! It’s only a dream!”

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Sara said...

That's some weird ass freaky shit you dream about there, hunny! :) I was getting right in to that.. got some more you can add to it? It made me think of Mr. & Mrs. Smith :P