Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Napkin Scrawl #1 - The Monster

My night burns quickly toward its end as my vision blurs and my head begins its almost nightly pulsating routine. My heart beats in my ears, thump, thump, thump as my eye begins its retreat to the back of my head. Yes, a migraine ensues. Down goes the pain pill, backed with a wash of Diet Pepsi. Only time will tell if this to shall pass.

I sit here at my laptop only briefly reading code and tweets, lounging in my upright office chair… hoping. I am hoping that I may once again complete my task instead of putting off for yet another day, the drudgery of this job. Perhaps by putting pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard, I can eloquently describe my feelings, both physical and mental. Perhaps by setting my mind on things not routinely thought upon, I might beat this monster beating on my head. I stand to face the wall, remembering once before when a slight concussion helped to remove the monster that ravages my head. As memories arise, I realize that though this cures the ache I now feel, it also brings beautiful hues of purple, green, and blue to the surface of my skin.

Oh for some lovely eye candy, to kindly draw my eyeballs back into their sockets. Perhaps, if said eye candy was enough sweetness, it might raise my heart rate just enough to send my blood pulsating back to the blood vessels in my head instead of residing in my ass.

Another thought arises… perhaps a nice endorphin rush would surely help with blood moving from its sedentary zones. Yes, this too might work, but for this to work you most certainly need a partner. For tonight, I do not hold this thought for long. It is only but a thin wisp of thought that blows back and forth like the wind.

I shall think on these things, as the monster on my head begins to exhaust and tire of his beating pain.

Back to work I say, back to work again.

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