Friday, April 4, 2014

Forever and Always

Thoughts of you reach into the depths of my soul as if some unknown force connects us deep inside. For moments at a time, I push myself to keep my mind steadfast on a daily routine. But corralling my thoughts is like riding a wild horse. It bucks and fights the confines of its bit and bridle.

 When I let go of the reins of my mind, my thoughts roam freely, and they gravitate toward you. My thoughts look to our God and hope and pray that you are happy. I take a deep breath, hopeful that he hears my prayers.

I imagine our hearts beating as one in the stillness of that moment. I know, deep inside, that you are thinking of me as I am of you. We know each other’s thoughts as if we are of one heart and one mind.
My ears long to hear your voice. My voice longs to say your name.

I dream of the day when we will meet again, that moment when our eyes glimpse each other, and our mind grasps that it is you. Our heart will explode with joy; our tears will flow like a river. We will hold each other in our arms in a firm embrace, with no intention of ever letting go. When that time comes, we will both say…“I’m Home.”

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